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Customers of ours have said "its refreshing to have somone with common sense!"  Other company's technicians have sprayed their purses, their feet, even their clients!  Its not rocket science treating bugs... but customer service, neat clean professional appearance, clean vehicles and equiptment...  These are the things that can make your pest service a good experience.  As the owner of HomeRun Pest Control   I visit EVERY site regularly and will often do the initial treatments myself.  This allows me to keep my finger on the pulse of our business and hear YOUR needs first hand.  I still believe in "service with a smile..." and my hope is HomeRun Pest Control can be your pest prevention solution... and make YOU SMILE TOO!

Commercial pest control

Commercial Control

  We take treating your business office, medical facility, clothing store or other places of business very serious!  Dont allow your customers to encounter a spider or a roach on your property!  we offer monthly programs and even after hours treatments to ensure your "bug free workplace!"

residential pest control

Residential Control

 Do you have ants in your pantry or on your kitchens counter?   Have you been seeing roaches  run when you turn on the lights?  Allow HomeRun Pest Control to restore confidence in your home!  We love to "Slug Your Bugs!"  Spiders, silverfish, ants, roaches, fleas, even bedbugs are no match for our technicians!

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